Mansha Bomb arrested from SC premises


ISLAMABAD: Absconding suspect Mansha Bomb, wanted in a land grabbing case, was arrested from the Supreme Court premises on Monday.

He had surrendered himself to the apex court earlier today, after demanding to meet the chief justice.

Mansha and his sons are accused of illegally grabbing land in Lahore’s Johar Town vicinity.

Last month, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar had ordered immediate arrest of the alleged land grabber, however, the authorities had failed to fulfill the court’s orders.

At least 70 cases are registered against Mansha, according to the Punjab police.

Mansha claimed earlier today that he had not grabbed land illegally. “I have not grabbed anyone’s land and have documentary evidence to prove that the land I own belongs to my father,” he said.

Mansha further said that ‘false cases’ had been created against him after his son contested the election on a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) ticket.

“I am being treated unfairly and want justice to be done,” he said, claiming that former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif had filed false cases against him.

“I have avoided the police to come to the Supreme Court to meet the chief justice. I want to apprise him of every detail pertaining to the case against me before I am arrested in order to avoid any proceedings initiated out of revenge,” Mansha told the media.

On October 4, the Lahore police were unable to arrest Mansha’s son Faisal after he was stopped at a checkpoint in Raiwind. The man reportedly deserted his car and fled from the site before the police could arrest him.

The car was later taken in custody by the police.


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