PM Imran inaugurates Pakistan Citizen Portal


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) on Sunday.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister Imran Khan said through the portal, government officers will be under pressure to perform. “For the first time, government officers will be accountable,” he said while upholding that it  is the “first step towards improving governance”.

PM Imran explained that through the portal people can directly launch their complains and there is a time-frame to solve the problems. “Through this system, it will be easier for me to receive details regarding where complaints are coming from and for which ministries. Complaints will be sent to the concerned departments in the provinces,” he added.

Stating that the system “is a means to change the prevailing mindset”, PM Imran said, “When people ask what is Naya Pakistan, this is Naya Pakistan. Naya Pakistan is here to change minds.”

Giving an example of Turkey, the premier said, “There was a change in Turkey because the prime minister solved the citizens’ issues.” He added, “Naya Pakistan will be born when people realise their problems are being heard.”

PM Imran further said, “The feedback we will receive from the portal will be the first if its kind. Never before has a prime minister received this kind of feedback that we will receive.”

PM Imran added, “Even in Europe there is no system like this. We will publish the date gathered from the complaint cell monthly.”

Responding to a question, the premier said the system will inform the citizens regarding the time need to solve their complaints. “The system is connected to all the four provincial secretaries,” he added.

Further, the premier said, “More good news is to come soon.”

“Soon you will see that your prime minister will not have to go to foreign countries to ask for loans,” PM Imran added while responding to another question.

In response to a question regarding Saudi Arabia’s package to Pakistan, the premier said, “There are no conditions involved.”

PM Imran Khan, while giving a warning to opposition leaders, said that the government is only working on old cases as of now. “We have not taken any step yet, these are old cases,” said the premier.

“When corruption is brought an end, they will say ask the reason for their ouster,” remarked Imran Khan.

 Pakistan Citizen Portal

The portal will be used to send complaints and suggestions directly to the Prime Minister’s Office, which will oversee the process of addressing the public complaints.

Speaking to APP, Deputy Secretary of Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) Adil Saeed Safi said, “After registering with the portal, citizens residing in Pakistan and abroad can register their complaints online through an application.”

“An Android version of the application is available and an iOS version will be made available soon,” he added.

Safi further said, “Complaints will automatically reach the heads of relevant departments who will then take appropriate step to address the matter. The maximum time limit for addressing a complaint will be ten days.”

“About 3760 federal and provincial departments are linked with the portal. Provincial governments have already been informed about the new initiative,” the PMDU secretary added.

The PCP is the first of its kind application in Pakistan which integrates various departments of the government.


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